A Proven Concept –
Express Laundry Center

The Express Laundry Center offers a complete store solution to storeowners looking for a proven, self-service laundry brand and concept. The Express Laundry Center brand is free of franchise restrictions, costs and red tape. Even better? Express Laundry Centers deliver huge advantages to storeowners, including a high-speed mix of ExpressWash Washer-Extractors and complementing drying tumblers; branded services like Drop & Shop, Load & Leave and Drop-Off Drycleaning; marketing and public relations support spanning store signage, press releases, brochures and door hangers; and management and operational assistance, including employee handbooks, operational procedures, hiring guidelines and more.

When investors buy into the Express Laundry Center solution, they’re a step closer to gaining loyal clientele, store efficiency and bolstered profits …

60-Minute Self-Service Wash/Dry/Fold Promise

But that’s just the beginning ... Express Laundry Centers are unique. Not only do they provide customers a 60-minute wash/dry/fold, they deliver craved services to attract a variety of demographic groups, from families to professionals and singles. And, because laundry is completed sooner, Express Laundry Centers enjoy much higher rates of customer turnover, which ultimately beefs revenue. Customers relish the timesaving convenience of Express Laundry Centers!

Reduced Utilities for Bolstered Profits

While the average vended laundry’s profits are hacked by catapulting utility costs, Express Laundry Center profits aren’t. Express Laundry Centers boast highly efficient equipment engineered to save water, electricity and natural gas. Rest assured, those savings add up quickly!

ExpressWash High-Speed Washers & ExpressDry Dryers

It’s all about advantage. And there’s a significant advantage to investing in Continental high-speed laundry equipment. The first is the offering to customers of a 60-minute self-service wash/dry/fold. The second is improved customer turnover. The third is a considerable savings in water, electricity and natural gas costs. The fourth is simple installation.

“Customers are in and out faster. Typically, in less than 50 minutes, laundry is washed and dried.” Shane McKinney -- Express Laundry Center – Miles City

Did you know that a 3,500-square-foot Express Laundry Center would save an estimated $32,423 per year in utility costs when compared to a traditional hard-mount washer store? (see chart)! This is because Express Laundry Centers boast high-speed, freestanding Continental ExpressWash Washer-Extractors engineered to cut utility costs. An array of unique engineering features coupled with superior owner programmability lowers water, natural gas and electricity usage while maximizing customer turnover during peak hours.

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Online Energy Analysis

The Online Energy Analysis is tool that simplifies the process of showing exactly how much money can be saved on utilities in a given month or year by installing ExpressWash Washers rather than traditional hard-mount machines. It’s simple to use and the savings are extraordinary. Access the Online Energy Analysis and see for yourself the utility savings in black and white.

Start your comparison!

Increased Customer Turnover

Customers wash and dry laundry in 60 minutes or less, compared with 75 minutes required in a hard-mount washer store. Because customers are in and out sooner, Express Laundry Centers can accommodate more customers and turns per day. In a business thriving on peak business hours, this can mean significantly greater profits per day. Simultaneously, customers are happy and loyal. Why? Because they spend significantly less time doing laundry! It’s a win-win.

“By simply processing more customers you have more overall turns on all the equipment. And, there are no roadblocks. When you are drying faster,
you reduce dryer bottlenecks.” Art Jaeger

Maximized Efficiency

The average vended laundry outputs more than 26 percent of its gross revenue to utilities, according to a recent Coin Laundry Association industry survey.
No wonder 66 percent of the storeowners surveyed say skyrocketing utility costs are their primary concern. ExpressWash high-performance washer-extractors are engineered to alleviate rising operational costs. They cut gas, water and electricity use by bringing together a number of unique engineering features, including a freestanding and sump-less design, high-speed G-force extract, exclusive Aqua Fall and AquaMixer systems, and superior owner programmability