high speed equipment
unique services

management & marketing support

superior efficiency
60-minute wash/dry/fold

experience the advantage
of express laundry centers

The Express Laundry Center package is a proven and complete turnkey solution for new vended laundries. The Express Laundry Center brand teams highly efficient, high-speed laundry equipment and multiple services with local marketing and management support. It is a complete store solution available to vended laundry investors only through Continental Girbau.

Discover what sets Express Laundry Center apart; experience Express Laundry Center advantages; investigate the vended laundry industry; view case studies and videos of real-life Express Laundry Centers; touch base with your Express Laundry Center distributor; realize your Express Laundry Center dream …

a proven concept -
express laundry center

When investors buy into the Express Laundry Center solution, they’re a step closer to gaining loyal clientele, store efficiency and bolstered profits. As a potential investor, what do you need to know about the vended laundry industry? How are Express Laundry Centers different? How are they better?

The Express Laundry Center offers a complete store solution to investors looking for a proven, self-service laundry brand and concept. The Express Laundry Center brand is free of franchise restrictions, costs and red tape.